I believe that “life after baby” is a unique journey for all of us, woman, child and the family.
I believe that we need women in our community to care for and support us after birth.
I believe if you feel good and you are supported, you are able to care for your baby, your family, and yourself.

The birth of my first child did not go as planned and was a very difficult experience for me as well as my husband. I admittedly didn’t know as much about birth as I could have and I came out of the experience overwhelmed and feeling alone. Dealing with postpartum depression can be a very isolating experience, not made easier in a place where I didn’t have any family or a support network.
When I became pregnant with my second child I knew there had to be a better, less traumatic way to birth a child and a better way to navigate all there was to know about childbirth. I started researching how to have the birth I wanted and I kept hearing about the benefits of having birth and postpartum support.

At times it felt overwhelming and I wished I would have know that encapsulating my placenta may have helped with the postpartum depression I experienced after the birth of my first child.

I took a completely different approach to birth with my second child, having a beautiful and caring woman support me and my family before, during and after my birth and I chose to have my placenta encapsulated. What an amazing difference it was. I had energy, a great supply of breast milk and I felt balanced.

I felt cared for, I felt powerful, I felt balanced. I could cope with life after baby.

Oh, I’m not saying that it was all butterflies and unicorns, I still was a mom of 2 with the sleepless nights and juggling play dates, but I felt supported. I felt I was given support, knowledge and tools that enabled me to care for my baby and my family.

I knew, after that experience, that I wanted to support women in my community and I knew that I had to make placenta encapsulation available to other women in my community. I trained as placenta encapsulation specialist, and after another supported birth for my third child I encapsulated my own placenta and soon after I started offering this service in Fort St John and the surrounding areas.

I have loved every minute of this work, from the initial excitement of knowing that there was a beautiful little being brought into the world and I had a placenta to pick up, admiring and recording all of the the wonderful and unique details of the placenta that sustained your child, to bringing mom beautiful package filled with postpartum benefits.

My Life Before That…..

Even as a child I was fascinated by the natural world, how animals, plants, and yes humans functioned and interacted in the world. I loved discovering how a plant could heal and an animal could show us how to exist in harmony with the world. I took this interest and followed a career path in biology.

I’ve worked as a scientist, tracking elk in a national park and determining the sex of octopus on fishing boats off the coast of Alaska (an interesting story we can chat more about over some tea). Ecosystem classification and aerial forest fire mapping has also been a part of my wonderful journey.

When I had children, a new journey began. I learned to listen to the part of my heart that said this interaction between mother and child and woman to woman is so natural and integral to our community and our natural world. That was the beginning of my journey which continues to amaze and delight me.

But enough about me! I’d love to know about you.

I would love to support you and help you prepare for this wonderful and unique journey.

Contact me and tell me your story!