Are you worried you will experience the baby blues ?

Has everyone has told you that breastfeeding is hard? Worried you won’t have enough milK?

Are you worried you just won’t have the energy?



Many women report that encapsulating their placenta:

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      Helped them feel balanced.

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      Increased milk production.

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      Helped with the "baby blues".

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      Decreased post natal bleeding.

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      Reduced postpartum healing time.

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      Increased energy levels.

    I noticed more energy

    Taking the placenta pills I noticed more energy and a more stabilized mood after having my third that what I had experienced after my first. This was helpful as my physical recovery was harder than my first two. I would not hesitate to use Amber’s placenta services again if we have another child.”

    Jill, Fort St John BC

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    Peaceful Beginnings

    • Use of a cooler and cold pack , delivered to you (within Fort St John) two weeks before your estimated due date .  (If you are from outside of Fort St John, coolers are still available for use, but arrangements must be made to pick up in Fort St John.)
    • Pick up of your placenta from the hospital or home
    • Choice of preparation method (Traditional or RAW method)
    • Encapsulation of your placenta – I use vegetable (vegan) capsules which are derived from vegetable cellulose of either pine or poplar. The capsules do not contain any preservatives, gelatin, wheat, animal by-products or starch. The capsules are Kosher and Halal certified, GMO free, preservative free and gluten free).
    • Cord keepsake -the cord is placed and dried in a unique shape, symbol or word depending on the length of the cord. The keepsake is placed with care in a small gift bag and included in your package. If you choose not to have a cord keepsake, it will be included in your capsules.
    • Guide to Placenta Capsules and Postpartum Recovery – an information packed,  four page exclusive guide covering intake suggestions, care instructions and community support.
    • Placenta Encapsulation Documentation booklet – written documentation of the appearance, shape and weight of your placenta including including any unique characteristics found.
    • Photographs of your placenta taken prior to encapsulation. (I pretty it up in photoshop, so it is a bit more artistic than the usual placenta photo. ) You can decline this if you choose.
    • And delivery of your package within 48 hours, to the hospital or your home.
    placenta encapsulation services in Fort St John BC
    placenta encapsulation services in Fort St John BC

    Worried about running out of capsules? unfortunately it will happen…but did you know that you can keep a tincture “indefinitely” and it is a great way to extend the benefits. *see the additional options below….

    Why choose me as your placenta encapsulation specialist?

    You only have one chance to have this placenta encapsulated, have it done safely by an APPA Certified and experienced encapsulator.


    • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulators
    • BC Food Safe Level 1
    • Extensive training from encapsulators spanning multiple countries

    I re-certify my blood borne pathogens course on a yearly basis and keep my BC Food Safe course current and up to date.

    All surfaces are sanitized with hospital grade sanitizers and all of my equipment is sanitized with bleach in higher concentrations than required to kill blood borne pathogens.

    I thoroughly document and photograph every placenta that I encapsulate.

    I have trained with and am in continuing education with some of the top placenta encapsulation specialists in Canada and the U.S.


    • On call until you have your baby
    • Always available to answer questions both before and after you’ve had your baby.
    • I pick up from the hospital, and bring you a beautiful package within 48 hours.

    Once you have booked your spot, I am on call two weeks before your estimated due date and remain on call until you’ve had your baby and I pick up your placenta.

    I am always available to answer any questions you have, before and after baby comes, and will support you in whichever way I can, whether it be for encapsulation questions or breastfeeding support.

    I am honored you chose me to encapsulate your placenta and take this role very seriously.


    • Over 60 placentas encapsulated
    • A biology background with lab experience.
    • Experience working with hospital staff

    I have been encapsulating since 2014, with over 60 placentas encapsulated in the Peace Region. There is always something we can learn which is why I enroll in continuing education and always look to increase my knowledge about placenta encapsulation and all things birth.

    When I started this journey and began offering placenta encapsulation, I worked with the unit lead of the Birthing Centre, to outline my needs as an encapsulator and hospital protocol to come to a standard agreement of how women could attain a timely release of their placentas.

    My mood wasn't so up and down.

    “I just overall felt way better! I noticed my mood wasn’t so up and down. My bleeding was fairly light which is a plus and it went away after 3 1/2 weeks.

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    Want to know more about your preparation options?

    Traditional Method

     The placenta is lightly steamed as it is thought to add a warm energy to replenish and soothe the mother after the birth. (please note that I do not steam with any herbs and I do not include any herbs in your capsules, only placenta. This is a precaution for any unknown reactions or allergies, and will not prevent you from taking your placenta capsules)

    After preparing the placenta it is dehydrated, ground into powder, and encapsulated (put into capsules) to be taken by the mother.


    RAW Method

    With this method, your placenta is prepared in a raw state and is dehydrated at high temperature to kill any harmful bacteria, but is otherwise unprocessed. (The placenta must processed within 48 hours).

    After preparing the placenta it is dehydrated, ground into powder, and encapsulated (put into capsules) to be taken by the mother.

    Not sure which option to choose?
    Read more in my faq section or you can choose to have 1/2 of each method as a preparation option.

    Let’s personalize your package….


    Placenta Tincture ~ 40

    This is a great addition to your package and well appreciated when your capsules are gone. Although not as well known as encapsulation, the tincture is a wonderful option for long term use. A small portion of placenta is selected to steep in high quality, high proof alcohol for, creating a pure placenta tincture. Many women have used this for menopause, pms and times of stress or low energy. Great for an energy boost or quick pick me up.


    Placenta Salve ~ 40

    I create a placenta salve using all natural ingredients including a small amount of your own dried placenta. Placenta is know for its restorative and soothing properties and has been used for:

    • skin irritation
    • cesarean and surgical scars
    • perenial tears
    • general skin care

    Placenta Prints ~ 2 prints for 15

    A placenta print is a perfectly unique and beautiful 12×12 imprint of your placenta on high quality acid free watercolor paper. I include a hand-crafted label on the reverse side of the print, where I’ve left space for you to add baby’s name and birth information. Art fixative is also applied to the print for UV protection and fade resistance, although care should still be taken to avoid displaying in direct sunlight.


    Flavored Capsules ~ 10

    You may choose flavored capsules to enhance the smell and taste of your capsules. Your choice of color and matching scent/flavor. The flavored capsules are gelatin based, Kosher and Halal certified. Please note that these capsules are not gluten free. Currently I have three flavors in stock:

    berry1 orangephoto 2 bubblegumphoto2

    Feel Confident in Your Choice

    You only have one chance to have this placenta encapsulated, have it done for you by someone who is safe, reliable and experienced.

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