“Amber, you are very welcoming and open to questions, you are friendly and easy to talk with. Extremely helpful and accommodating. You are very open and knowledgeable, freely sharing your passion for encapsulation without being pushy.

It was more then I expected and worth the price.”

Lyndsay, Fort St John BC

“Amber is super sweet and very easy and pleasant to deal with. She was always quick to respond and knowledgeable. She was able to accommodate the fact that I have celiac and was able to use gluten free capsules and prepare my placenta accordingly.

Taking the placenta pills I noticed more energy and a more stabilized mood after having my third that what I had experienced after my first. This was helpful as my physical recovery was harder than my first two. I would not hesitate to use Amber’s placenta services again if we have another child.”

Jill, Fort St John BC

“I just overall felt way better! I noticed my mood wasn’t so up and down. My bleeding was fairly light which is a plus and it went away after 3 1/2 weeks.

The two prints are amazing and I want to frame them. The tincture I am so excited I did, knowing I have it makes my pills running out not so bad.”

Jen, Fort St John BC

gina“150% worth it! I had next to no bleeding. I had so much energy! I was told by FIVE doctors that I was 99% certain to get post-partum depression due to my extensive history of depression but believe it or not I didn’t get it at all! I never felt happier. Also I had (and still have) a large milk supply. I could feed my son and still pump 8 oz in a feeding. At one point I had 350 oz in my freezer”

“Amber was so kind and made me feel so well taken care of. She picked up my placenta within hours of my son being born and returned it in capsule form back to the hospital. We had to stay an extra day and I was very upset and emotional about this but then I get my capsules and attached was a beautiful hand written note and gift for my newborn son and it just made my entire day, after I had spent hours crying prior.”

Gina, Fort St John BC

“Just wanted to tell you, I have pills left still and hadn’t been taking them for well over two months. Last night I took one pill before going to bed and this morning I’m engorged with milk! Magic pills working in less then 12 hours haha!”